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There was no mistake; she knew exactly what the house looked like; she knew about the door at the centre like a square grinning mouth, and the straggly little bits at the back which were called sculleries and the underground rooms where people were sometimes shut away. She even knew about the old trees that grew around the house, because the little girl had told her about them. She had said to Simone that if you looked at them for long enough you saw horrid, evil faces in the trunk, that looked as if they were a thousand years old, and that stared at you out of withered eyes.

Wizard oaks, they were called. There was a poem about them; it told how on some nights the bad old wizard woke up and parted the branches, and peered into the room to see if there were any little children he could snatch up and carry away.

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Worst of all was that she could see that it was empty, and that nobody could possibly have lived in it for years and years, especially not any children. She did not dare to tell mother about the black old house in case it meant there was something wrong with her. If you heard voices that other people did not hear, and if you knew what places looked like before ever you saw them it might mean you were mad, and mad people were shut away and never let to go out into the world. Take A Look Inside.

A Dark Dividing. Synopsis Excerpt Additional Information Two pairs of twins. This is an edge-of-your-chair book. And as you are chilled to the bone with some of the things that go on, you will not be able to stop as you want to find out what happened to these people. The stories within are so heart-rending that readers will want to see more of Ms. Rayne's work.

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Very fascinating characters. Some you'll love and some you'll hate with a passion.

A Dark Dividing

Quill says: A Dark Dividing is a terrific read. Extremely creepy in some passages but, very understandable. This is the author's debut in the United States and hopefully we will be able to read more of Sarah Rayne on this side of the pond. This is certainly not to be read if you are feeling down as it will not help you to a happy state of mind.

It concerns two sets of conjoined twins,one set living in the 's and the other in the present day,As with all of Sarah Rayne's other books,a building is at the centre of the story,and this one is no exception. Mortmain House Dead Hand used to be a Orphanage and Workhouse where many cruel and inhuman acts were perpetrated mainly upon the children. In the centre of the building is a deep well a favorite device of Ms Rayne and this is crucial to this tale.

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If you favor the macabre in your reading,then this is for you,run quickly to your nearest bookshop and get hold of a copy without delay. If however you are of a nervous disposition,do not go within a mile of it.

a book review by James Thompson: A Dark Dividing

You have been warned. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Love, couldn't put it down. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Related Searches. Any Shape or Form: Henry Gamadge 9. Just about any of the guests at Johnny Redfield's party seems to have a good Just about any of the guests at Johnny Redfield's party seems to have a good reason to have killed the guest of honor, Johnny's Californian aunt who, with her astral name and vague pretensions of mysticism, does not exactly blend View Product.

Cut to the Quick: Julian Kestrel 1. Julian Kestrel is the walking definition of a Regency-era dandy. He cares about little beyond He cares about little beyond the perfection of his tailoring, he lives for the bon mot, and his life has the specific gravity and the fleeting charm of a soap-bubble. Dark Moon Walking. The remote islands off the Pacific Northwest Dark Recesses.

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  • a book review by James Thompson: A Dark Dividing?
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In Dark Recesses, David Jackson, a promising, young attorney, travels to rural Virginia for a family reunion and becomes entangled in a web of betrayal that had been hidden in his family tree. While dividing his time between Are you craving Christie?

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Yearning for a plot? Whimpering softly into your teacup about the Whimpering softly into your teacup about the days when one could count on a nice civilized, mannerly sort of murder, with a sleuth who was reasonably free of neuroses and substance addictions?

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Herring on the Nile: Ethelred and Elsie 4. Ahilarious parody of Agatha Christie and fourth in a series nominated for two Edgar awards. This is not surprising: Ethelred lost any real interest in writing mystery novels The Lover. Every night, Every night, its citizens cram into shelters, basements, subway stations — anything to avoid the bombs.

And every morning, they awake to scenes of fresh devastation.